August 29, 2011

Puppet show

So I was in a cafe the other day and some animated movement caught my eye. In the next booth, two restaurant-bored kids decided to stand up on the bench seating. They were waving their arms around and smiling to attract any morsel of adult attention. It was working, but that was the same instant that the kids mannerisms and the setting of the back of the booth made it all look like an improv puppet show.

August 21, 2011

Tennis balls

So who buys more tennis balls...
People with dogs or people that actually play tennis?

August 14, 2011

Right side of the tracks

So I was talking with some friends who have been living here longer than I have. They were amazed how some parts of town look completely different than, say, 10 years ago. I was reminded of this other person I met who was telling me about his brother's house. It faces a relatively new street at the top of a 'T' intersection. Apparently, that street, not that long ago, was a railway track  and his brother's house was a long building for storing cars and engines. When the city moved the tracks and converted the area to residential, he bought the building and remodelled it into a house. I've since had a look at the property and it does have a completely different architectural style to the rest of the adjacent houses. You can also see how it could be a place where a train could fit in the garage.

August 07, 2011

No gloves

So it's still pretty cold here in the mornings. A usual commuter cyclist that I see most days either forgot (or lost) her gloves and was biking to work (at least on the straight bits) without using her hands. They were tucked under her arms for warmth. As we passed I said hello, kind of laughed and felt really happy that I had my gloves on.
The next cyclist that I passed, if you can believe it, also wasn't wearing gloves and was engaged it the same hand-warming riding technique. I didn't laugh this time but was still was happy to be wearing gloves.
Just before I got to work, a third (!) ungloved cyclist was also doing this. Even though it was cold, I then started to feel a bit weird about being the only one wearing gloves.