March 28, 2011

Morning people

So if it's still dark in the morning, does that stop you from getting a newspaper from a mailbox? How about jogging, dog-walking or going to the gym? Of course not; if you're awake (and want to be), you just go. Naturally there are people who need to vainly look their best before getting all sweaty and gross at the gym but that would be another post. Most morning people pretty much dive straight into activity with little fuss. I suppose though, there are some people that could really use a bit more fuss. That's right. I'm talking to you, Mr. No-Pants!

March 22, 2011

A pizza less ordinary

So now and then I like to eat a pretty ordinary pizza. (By ordinary, I mean minimal toppings and maybe a passable base.) I figure that if every pizza I've eaten was brilliant, that would raise the bar too high. A pizza diet that is made up of 100% perfect pizzas would make every pizza thereafter a 5 out of 10 and then you could never be really amazed. By having a slice of 4 out 10, now and then, a helping of 9 out of 10 becomes magic.

March 14, 2011

Party all night

So I met some of the classiest partygoers that can really be seen at a time like 8am Sunday morning. Instead of the raucous, incoherent drunks that stagger home, I approached the epitome of style and grace. Okay sure, it was obvious that they were very intoxicated and their body language told me that right away. Still, instead of the usual irritating, slurred speech that seemingly only other drunk people can understand, I listened to a charismatic couple engage me in some friendly witty banter. So after a round of pleasant small talk, we went our separate ways but I didn't think that they were quite done either. Although we weren't near any bars or pubs, somehow he walked down the road with a freshly poured glass of beer and she could have had what looked like a martini - shaken, I suppose.

March 05, 2011

Sleeping on a plane is like...

So I had the opportunity to sleep near the sea with the waves continually crashing along the beach. I noticed that it is very similar, although not quite as loud, as the white noise drone of an international flight.

Next time I'm on a plane, I'll imagine that I'm at the beach.